Can I Sell My House in 5 Days?

Selling your house quickly may be due to various reasons, it could be due to the growth of the family, the kids may move out, or it’s a change in careers or relocation. Here are some tips for selling your house in 5 days,

Offer Financial Incentives

Buying a home is as stressful as selling one. If you’re planning to buy your first property then it could be intimidating. Sellers can offer incentives to make the potential buyers more confident and satisfied with their purchase. What all can be included in incentives? Paying the first year home warranty or HOA fees, paying closing costs or repairs found during the inspection, or replacing the old furniture and appliances in the home.

Price Your Home Below the Market Value

To sell your home quickly then obviously your price should be quite lower than the other property sellers’ price. Buyers will watch the home market in your area and move to the property that is priced at least 5% lower than the competition. If you receive several offers, you might spark to get the best deal, which might be above your asking price.

Work on Your Curb Appeal  

When you market your home, it’s crucial to attract the buyer’s attention to your property. First impressions matter a lot when selling a home. This is why ‘curb appeal’ matters. 

Curb appeal refers to what potential buyers will see when they look at your property for the first time. This includes:

Your driveway

Any front garden or greenery in front of your property

The sidewalk outside your home

The state of any paintwork on your property

The condition of your window frames, doors, and shutters.

A poorly maintained exterior can lead to losing your potential buyers because they may be concerned about how well you’ve looked after the rest of your property. If this is the case, then do a little work to enhance the look of your home which will put some buyers to stay.

Declutter Your Home

Your interior should be presentable as it’s very important when it comes to selling your home faster. Get rid of as much clutter as possible. Decluttering can make your property more spacious and makes it easier for buyers to look around it quickly. They can see all of your home’s potential. 

Keep all your personal possessions away as possible before viewings and storing these in a garage, attic, etc. This will also save you time when you do come to move! 

If you have to keep things on your property, try to make them look as minimalist and neutral as possible. This will make your property light, open, and airy. Depersonalize and decorate the home so that buyers walk through and imagine themselves living in the home.

Sell to an Investor

Selling to a buyer can take more than 5 days because most homebuyers must get approved for a loan, and there might be some delays like the appraisal and home inspection. As soon as you list the home for sale, some buyers will accept the offer within 5 days but it’s rare. So consider selling your home to an investor, do all the repairs, staging, and market. 

The investors will make a cash offer on property mostly, no matter how it looks. A cash offer will save your time spent on waiting for a buyer to get the amount from the bank, and you can save money with zero closing costs, repair, or cleanup costs. You can enjoy a quick, flexible closing within 5 days and transition to a new home for that next stage of life.